Zinken Cornetts

The cornetts are made by hand – with carving tools, plane, draw blade – and covered with vegetable-tanned leather.

The bore proportions and leather ornaments are inspired by Italian instruments from around 1600.

They normally have a meantone temperament of 440 and 466 Hz, other tunings/pitches are possible on request.

ZinkenCurved cornetts in a variety of pitches, from alto cornett in g with 440 Hz to tenor cornett in d with 466 Hz

Zinken CornettsSelection of curved cornetts in 440 Hz: cornettino d, choir cornett a, alto cornett g, tenor cornett d and c.

Tenor cornetts in d and c (with key): even though the bore proportions are identical, the two models offer a different sound. The sound of the smaller one is lighter and brighter, the sound of the larger instruments is darker and fuller.

Audio sample

Mute cornetts in G with 440 and 466 Hz, in A with 440 Hz

Straight cornetts with 440, 366, 494 and 525 Hz
This straight cornet was developed in close collaboration with William Dongois. Its bright and direct sound is ideal for 16th century music.


Cornet d’etude with 440 Hz
This straight cornett with closer spaced and offset holes is perfect for beginners. It was developed in collaboration with Robert Ischer in Lausanne and its pitch is a whole tone above 440 Hz. Due to its small size, it is suitable for children of 10–12+. The mouthpiece and a soft case from CASCADE are included in the price.