With their wide bore and the pronounced bell, these shawms are inspired by 16th-century instruments.
Their open, bright and strong tone is ideal for outdoor music and works well in combination with other loud instruments such as cornetts and trombones.
All shawms are made from stained and varnished maple. Additional reeds are available for each size.

Consort of shawms with 440 Hz: small shawm in f, shawms in d and c, also shawm in g and f, tenor shawm in g

Shawms in a variety of designs

Shawms: alto shawms in g and f, tenor shawm, bassett and bass shawm
With almost two metres in length, bass shawms are an impressive instrument and king of every renaissance consort.
Its sound is significantly fuller and louder than the sound of a dulzian and it provides a strong base for large and loud consorts.

Pommer 466

Consort of shawms with 466 Hz: shawm in d, alto shawm in g, tenor shawm in c
Due to the higher pitch, this consort sounds even louder. In combination with a trombone as a bass instrument, it is ideal for outdoor 16th century dance music.