Renaissance flutes

Transverse flutes appeal to friends of Early Music and folk musicians alike.
The larger instruments are built in one or two pieces. As a result they are easier to tune.

Traversflöten / Renaissance flutesConsort of renaissance flutes: alto in f, tenor in c (one or two piece instruments), Bass in f.

Traversflöten / Renaissance flutesFor two-piece instruments, the bottom part can be replaced with one in a with 415 Hz.

Traversflöten / Renaissance flutes

Instruments for folk music: Serbo-Macedonian frula, whistles and Swiss whistles in g and f. Swiss whistles are tuned like the alto transverse flute but with a narrower bore. They are a pleasure to play and the fingering of higher notes is easy.
It was the instrument of Swiss “Reisläufer“ and is still used in traditional events (carnival in Basel, Natwärischpfyffer in Wallis).