Cornamuses / Dolzainas

These windcap instruments are mentioned by different names in both ancient and modern literature.
In my opinion, the cornamusa is the louder of the two (from french cornamuse, bagpipe), with open, flared bell; the dolzaine is the softer (from lat. dulcis, sweet), with a muted bell.
These two bells are interchangeable, so that the same instrument may be played with two different sounds and volumes.
To extend the scale, one or two keys may be added. The standard model comes without keys.

CCornamusen / DolzainenConsort of cornamuses: alto in g, tenor in c and bass in f

Cornamusen / DolzainenLarge consort of cornamuses: soprano, also in f, tenor, bass and large bass in c

Cornamusen / DolzainenThanks to the interchangeable bell, a cornamuse can be turned into a dolzaina and vice versa.

Cornamusen / DolzainenVarious bass instruments: Praetorius called the extended bass (down to c) Nicolo.